TMT Equipments

Tail Breaker

Tail Breaker
It is installed after the flying shear and before the cooling bed to reduce the velocity of the TMT Bars. It runs through DC or AC variable Drives. The Rolls are Separated Through Pneumatic cylinder.

It consists of steel fabricated body. Pneumatic cylinder, top and bottom rocker arms and rollers.

TMT Quenching Box

TMT Quenching Box
There are various route to increase the strength of steel used tor construction. One ot the oldest route is the CTD Bar route. Here the bars are cold twisted after rolling. Another method is the Micro Alloying of steel to get high strength.

The problem with both these systems is the high labour, cost and time. In CTD bars the cost of twisting and this is the main bottleneck in all the mills. For Micro alloying the cost alloying elements is very high.

To counter these problems, SMT has developed High Strength with High Ductility

TMT Quenched & Tempered Ribbed Bars of Grade Fe 415 & Fe 500 confirming to IS 1786

We are happy to offer our International Computerized Version with the latest development" Extended Nozzles'.

Flying Shear

Flying Shear
Flying shear is used to cut the material of various sizes, in different lengths of TMT Bars with flying arm effects. It is installed after the TMT Quenching Box and before the cooling bed. It drives through Programmer Logic Controller (PLC) system. DC or AC Variable Motors. It is used in high speed mills.

We manufacture flying shear with a capacity of TMT Bar sizes 8 mm -40 mm.

Pinch Rolls

Pinch Rolls
The basic function of pinch roll is to push the material towards a particular direction. It does not cause any kind of physical change in the material, and is usually used to move the material over a distance.

It is installed at various places in a rolling mill such as between the roughing mill and the intermediate mill, before and after the TMT Quenching Box to maintain the speed and tension of Bars. It is driven through AC/DC Motor and consists of 2 Hi Gear Box. solid rolls with Cardon Shaft.

A cantilever type pinch roll is one of the pinch roll manufactured by us.
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