Single Source For Rolling Mills

Single Source For All Your Needs

Single Source For All Your Needs
SHEARING MACHINEFor cutting of Blooms (Stainless Steel) / Billets upto 250x250 mm & M.S. Slab upto 500 x 150 mm.
The weight of the machine varies as per requirement from 20 M.T. to 150 M.T. in assembled form.

M.S. Plate upto 75mm and also capable for cutting of Rails, I & H Beams, Channels, Angles, Rounds, Plates, Squares, Angles & many type of Re – rolling material etc. as per requirement.

Hot and Cold Crop End Shearing Machines for cutting of Channels, Rounds, Plates, Squares, Angles, Flats and variety of other sections.

Pneumatic Snap Shears

Flying Shears for cutting of 8-32mm TMT Bar

Alligator Shears 100 to 600mm (Vertical / Horizontal) Circular Hot Saw Machines for cutting of various Sections Rotary Shearing machine (Fix and Swivel type)
SCRAP PROCESSING MACHINETo recover steel from Furnace Shag
POWER PRESSES 2 to 200 Ton capacity (mechanical)
SHEET / PLATE CUTTING MACHINESCut to length upto 2500mm wide X 25mm thick
PLATE BENDING MACHINES3000mm width 50mm Thick
MATERIAL HANDLINGS Electric Hoist and EOT Cranes Upto 150 M. T. Roller Conveyor and Roller
Transfer Table / Skid Transfer Type Tables
Tilting Table / Chain Type Transfers
Turning Walls.
Auto Pass Tables.
COOLING BEDFully Automatic Cooling Bed such as: -
- Walking Beam Type for Bars Chain Transfer Type for Various Sections
- Semi Automatic Type Cooling Bed such as: -
- Kick off System for Bar Gravitational Tilt for various Sections
- Manual Cooling Bed such as “W” Channel for Bar etc.
RE HEATING FURNACE & EQUIPMENTComplete range of Re-heating Furnaces upto 50 M.T./Hour complete with charging table, Mechanical / Hydraulic Pusher with Gear Box, Recuperator and Ejectors with singles or double Pinch rolls with water cooled rams.
ROLLSForged (All E.N. Series) Alloy Steel Casting, S.G. Iron, Chilled Iron Rolls and Adamite rolls.
Rolls with rolling grooves cut as per roll pass schedule.
CASTINGSAll type of C.I. Castings, Steel Castings, Graded Castings, Bronze Metal Castings & Gun Metal Castings.
FORGINGSWeighing upto 8 Tones for Gears, Shafts, Rings, Crank Shafts, Rolls etc.
AUTOMATIC WIRE DRAWING PLANTWire drawing & Barbed Wire for TMT Bar also.
TUBE MILLComplete designing, manufacturing and supply of pipe plants from 6 MM to 400 MM, complete with slitting lines, pickling lines, Galvanizing Plant and other facilities. For making E.R.W. Pipe, A.P.I. Grade Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe etc.

Single Source for Rolling Mills

FLY WHEEL Fly - Wheel weighing upto 30 Tones of Cast Iron and Steel Casting
EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIESShaft and Bearing Block (Bracket). The shafts are made from Forged Class IV Steel which is U.T. Level II pass.
MILL STANDSSize 125 mm- 750 mm PCD (5" to 30")
Types: 2 Hi and 3 Hi
Bearings Gun Metal, Fibre Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings, Multi Row Bearings
Top Roll Spring balanced or through worm gear box
Bottom Roll adjustment through elevators.
Easy axial roll adjustment through elevators.
Cast Iron / Steel Fabricated / Steel Casted
Housing (Optimum Mill modulus)
Complete with Chocks, Rest Bars & P.O.E.
MULTI STAGE GEAR AND GEAR BOXESReduction Gear Box, Pinion Gear Box, Reduction cum Pinion Gear Box, Speed Increaser cum Pinion Stands upto 5000 H.P. Load.
Spur, Single Helical and Double Helical Gears upto 3000 MM. diameter. Gear boxes can be designed and supplied in different configurations such as single input & double output, more than one output in different speeds etc. Or any special feature desired by the customer
COUPLINGS Wobbler Couplings, Universal Couplings, Geared Couplings, Flexo Type Couplings, Flange Type Couplings etc.
TWISTING MACHINES Twisting Machines upto 56mm, Twisting Heads, Jaws & Bits etc. Coilers and De – Coilers.
Roller Guide Boxes, Twister Pipes & Spares.
PULLEYS Flat & V-belt Pulleys upto 3000 mm Dia.
STRAIGHTENING MACHINE (SMT 135-TO 750)For Light, Medium and Heavy Sections such as Angle, Channel, I-Beams, H-Beams, Flat, T-Iron, Window Section etc.
AUTOMATIC DECOILER STRAIGHTENING AND CUTTING MACHINESFor 5.5 mm to 14mm Dia wire rods or TMT Bars, speed upto 80 Mts P. Minute.
(Provided With Automatic Or Manual Lubrication System)
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